Advanced Button

The Advanced Button is an attractive button to compel users to carry out an action. You can create attractive buttons using the Bricks Ultra Advanced Button element.



Direction: Set the direction to vertical, horizontal, or reverse.



Title: Write the title of the Advance button.

Description: Write the description of the advance button.

Link: Set the link type and add a link.



Icon: Choose an icon from the options.

View: Set the view of the icon from default, stacked, or framed.

Icon position: Adjust the icon position to either left or right.

Alignment: Set the alignment from start, center, or end.



Show Separator: Enable to show a separator

Type: Set separator type from solid, dashed, or dotted.

Weight: Control the width of the separator.

Layout Style 

Layout style

Background Type: Choose the background type, either color or gradient.

Border: Set the border and border radius.

Box Shadow: Add a box shadow effect to the box.

Padding: Set the padding to the box.

Alignment: Set the alignment to start, center or end.

Spacing: Adjust the spacing between the separator and the button’s content.

Content style

content style

Title Typography: Set the title typography.

Description Typography: Set the description typography.

Icon Style 

icon style
Icon style

Size: Set the size of the icons according to your choice.

Primary color: Set the primary color of the icon.

Border: Set the border and border radius.

Spacing: Adjust the spacing between the icon and the button’s title.

Separator Style 

separator style
Separator style

Color: Set the color of the separator.

Width: Set the width of the separator.

Alignment: Align the separator from the start, center, or end.

Click here to check out a demo page of Advanced Button button.