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With the added elements in Bricks Ultra, you have a whole range of possibilities at your fingertips. You can now create pages that are more complex and fulfill all of your needs.

With Bricks Page Builder, you were limited to a certain set of elements. Now with Bricks Ultra, you have more options so you can be creative and make the exact page you need. Stop being limited by what other people think is possible – with Bricks Ultra, a lot more will be possible!

What We Have For You?

Quality Elements

Bricks Ultra adds a lot of new elements that add a new range of possibilities to the Bricks page builder. With these added elements, you have a whole range of options at your fingertips, so you can create pages that are perfect for your needs.

Excellent Support

We have everything you need to know about our plugin right here, including comprehensive documentation and tutorials. We also back it with quality support so if any of those questions arise or problems occur don’t hesitate getting in touch!

Regular Updates

We’re constantly improving and updating our plugin to give you the best experience possible. Get access to updates that will always bring new features, and enhancements as well as keep it compatible with the current version of WordPress or Bricks Builder!

Fully Customisable Elements

Our elements are completely customisable, so you can choose how they look. We provide you all the customisable options so you can make them exactly the way you want. There are no pre-styled elements that will constrain your style.

Designed for speed and flexibility

Our obsession with speed and performance extends to our plugins. Bricks Ultra is built with a modular architecture that gives you control to switch on and off elements as you require, keeping it light and fast.


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