Nestable Unfold

This Element enables you to efficiently optimize your page layout by hiding lengthy content until triggered by a user click. This feature conserves valuable space on your page while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Unfold Any Elements

Just Unfold Any Elements

Make your page interactive and keep it neat at the same time using Nestable Unfold.
  • Insert any type of Elements
  • Initial Customizable height
  • Transition effect
  • Expandable editing feature

Customizable Separator Style

  • Fully Customizable Separator
  • Adjustable Separator height
  • Button Customization
  • Expandable editing feature

Enhancing Creativity Through any Elements Addition

You can add elements and create a hidden section that magically appears with a click of a button, featuring a flexible transition effect.

Save More Space with Nestable Unfold

  • Fully Customizable Buttons
  • Flexible Button Position
  • Multiple Icon Option
  • Icon Customization