Illuminating data from Multiple Sources with Lightbox

Unleash Your Creativity by showcasing the data from multiple sources like Media Gallery or Repeater and displaying content in full screen mode using the Lightbox feature.

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Make your Content Attractive with Repeater

Experience the Power of Repeater,  Effortlessly Stack Icons, Images, Text, and Even Integrate Lottie Animations for a Dynamic and Versatile Design Approach.

Rounded Edges
Ballon Shape
Dual Radius
Cornered Shape
Bi-Rounded Circle
Droplet Shape

Let Your Content Be Customizable

Enhance the quality of your content by styling each individual item, utilizing a variety of available features, and making them more visible to your audience.

Enhance Your Content with Informative Tooltip

Standout Your Content with Interactive Tooltips! Easily position and style your tooltips for that extra special touch.