Radial Charts

This element is a useful data visualization tool that simplifies data analysis with Pie, Doughnut, and Polar Area chart types. Its intuitive design, including Chart Title, Legends, and Tooltips, provides a user-friendly experience that enhances data exploration and comparison.

Pie Chart

Visualize Your Data

  • Multiple Chart Types
  • Chart Title Customization
  • Multiple Chart Settings
  • Multiple Trigger Option
  • Multiple Animation Style

Doughnut Chart

Concise Data Explanation

  • Legend Styling Customization
  • Multiple Legend Shape
  • Diverse Legend Position
  • Legend in reverse format
  • Tooltip Support
  • Customizable ToolTip Styling
  • Border Customization

Polar Area Chart

Summarize Exhaustive Data

  • Fully Customizable Charts
  • Ticks Customization
  • Customizing Grid Line
  • Fully Customizable Points Labels
  • Angle Lines Styling
  • Charts Support Attributes